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Blurams Dome Lite 2 Indoor Camera Review

My family has always had some kind of security system installed in our house when I grew up. It still does, but surprisingly, we had never thought of getting security cameras because it seemed like a costly investment. Of course, I always thought that if someone tried to break in, I would set Home Alone traps around the house if I my parents were not home. But after seeing what the Blurams Dome Lite 2 Security Camera can do, I think sticking to security devices would be better.

The setup was simple as it just needed to be plugged into a nearby outlet and then connect with the app. I would have liked to have had a bit of a longer cord since my power outlets are pretty spaced out around my house, but it just worked and was not as short as a standard phone charger cord.

I set the Dome Lite 2 up in my kitchen/living room area since Blurams recommended the camera as an indoor camera. It also points towards the front door and the camera can swivel 360 degrees and tilt 95 degrees, so this corner was really great and kind of blended in with the plants (sneaky like those Dark Souls or Elden Ring enemies hidden around the corner).

I think this versatility was great, especially since the Dome Lite 2 was said to be meant for many purposes, such as a baby monitor, pet care, elderly care, business security, and home security. I do not have a baby, a pet, or a business, but I do live with my 70-year-old grandmother who we tend to leave home alone quite often, so this was a great way to check in on her from work. Based on the performance of the camera I had experienced, I think it would work just as good for the other purposes mentioned above.

“Another great feature the Dome Lite 2 has is infrared night vision that boasts 22 feet of visible range.”

While the physical setup was smooth, the app was very buggy and kept crashing. I was not sure what was happening but after about a day or two, everything was running splendidly. So, maybe there is a buffer time for the camera and the app to sync and learn more about the user’s Wi-Fi—or I was having Wi-Fi issues those days. I guess it needed some time to warm up, but once it does run optimally, the app is really intuitive to use.

To clarify, registering the device and syncing the camera up with the Wi-Fi was seamless, it was the process afterwards that was very glitchy. Even signing up for the cloud service was easy. Blurams offers three different cloud service packages: the 7-day loop for $4.99 (USD)/month, the 15-day loop for $59/year and the 30-day loop for $149/year. The services and the $49.99 price point for the device are fairly reasonable and the different cloud service payment plans are flexible for different consumers’ needs.

The Dome Lite 2 also has an SD card slot if users would like to just have the video storage in the camera itself. However, if someone damages the camera or takes out the SD card, all the data would be lost. Either option is great because cloud saving could invade privacy (the app did not address what the company does with the footage) and having the SD card ensures that footage is still captured without that worry. Having the options open is the best part.

“The Dome Lite 2 also has an SD card slot if users would like to just have the video storage in the camera itself.”

One of the coolest features that stood out was the smart motion tracking and human detection technology. The Dome Lite 2 rotated really quickly when tracking someone who came into the frame, and it was really quiet when I heard it in-person—very low profile. Speaking on sound, I found it was hard to hear clear sentences come through the feed, so I would not rely heavily on conversing too much through the camera or listening to the other person on the other end.

Another great feature the Dome Lite 2 has is infrared night vision that boasts 22 feet of visible range. I was appalled to see how clear most of the night imaging was. It has eight red beams (not like in those spy films like Red Notice or older James Bond films), but it is not very visible unless staring at it dead-on, making it less intrusive if users want to use it as a baby monitor.

One more interesting detail for those who could use the Dome Lite 2 for babycare or elderly care was that the app was annoyingly great at sending me notifications when the camera picked up motion or movement—it even notified me when a tiny fleck of dust passed by in the nighttime! While I was bombarded with phone notifications, it was reassuring to know that the Dome Lite 2 was able to send me alerts in real time and I could quickly check in at the house if I thought something was peculiar.

Overall, I think the team at Blurams offer a cost-effective security device that can be used for any security or caretaking tasks. There are also 2-pack and 4-pack bundles for the cameras that could be great for setting up at multiple locations around the house—I may snag some more later. This item is great for those who can be like me or Kristen Bell’s character in the Netflix series,The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window. While I had some issues with the app at first, the setup and use of the Dome Lite 2 was easy to use, and the interface made sense for my not-so-super-techie mind.

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