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About Unbeatable Gadgets


Unbeatable Gadgets is a family owned and operated Consumer Electronics retailer with a physical store location in South Florida and a vibrant online store. We love gadgets, technology and innovation that helps us in our daily lives, delights, entertains, connects and educates us. We want to share our knowledge of electronics and we want you to experience the products before you buy them in our store.

The online shoppers can reach out to us by phone or email with questions. Our product selection is handpicked to represent “Top Picks” in all categories. “Top Picks” are highly rated products that have proven customer satisfaction track record. We also carry new to market, innovative or unique gadgets that we tested ourselves and met the standards to be part of our store.

We treat our customers like royalty! We provide product support, installation and user support and we have a repair shop on site. We deliver all our expertise and excel in customer satisfaction at unbeatable prices, competing with giant retailers and beating prices on majority of items daily.

There is no store like this in the US and that is why we are in business.

We had not experienced any impact of the supply chain disruptions and you will find No Shortages and No Inflation in our store.  We source our products from giant suppliers, located in South Florida, and directly from OEMs.  We use our own delivery logistics. 

Our rapid on-demand inventory management process assures forecasting and inventory management that keeps up well with demand. 

You will find many products SOLD OUT ELSEWHERE available on our shelves and ready for pickup or free shipment to your home or business.

Meet Our Team


Logistic Specialist

Chris about us.jpg

Chris. P

Assistant Store Manager

Igor about us.jpg

Igor. G

General Manager

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