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JBL Club 700BT Bluetooth Headphones Review

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

By Tracy. Review Source

Now, this is a company that shouldn’t take any introduction. No matter where in the world that you call you home, you have likely familiarized yourself with the JBL brand in one form or another (or many). They are one of the biggest players in professional audio, covering everything from DJs to full-size concert experiences. For consumers, they deliver headphones to speakers of all sorts of flavors, and the list goes on from there.

Of those headphones that come from this brand, there is a new one that broke into the world this year. It is the JBL Club 700BT wireless Bluetooth headphones. A pair of headphones that cater to the world of club-goers, DJs, rap enthusiasts, and other genres that take advantage of bass undertones that don’t always get the spotlight they need depending on what headphones you have paired it all with.

We found ourselves keeping to tracks like dub-step, house, chill, old-school hip-hop, newer genre rap, and other tracks that fall in between these. We felt that most of the other genres just don’t bring out the potential in these. There are some exceptions when you focus on bands like Korn or Primus, but you won’t be flocking to Dire Straits or Phil Collins.

They are comfortable for short runs, but they could benefit from a little more coverage around the ear vs on the ear for maximum comfort. Padding is a bit nice but does settle in after some time, so not perfect (again, I’d use the word “average”).

Thankfully, they do feel quite durable as if they were made to last. They would be perfect for taking on the go and throwing in a bag (again, DJs could easily be attracted to these). The material quality proves to be durable enough and they hold their shape just fine.

Where they start to rack up additional points is in the features. Bluetooth 5.0 with up to 50 hours of use on a single charge, and less than 2 hours charge time (via USB-C). These are meant to chase down the Energizer Bunny and give him a run for his money.

You get your normal controls that include volume, track control, Bluetooth pairing mode, and power. As well as a few extras that include a bass boost a semi-configurable option via the app ( Ambient Aware or Talk Thru assignment options) for listening in on your environment without having to remove them from your ears. I still find it to be more rude to leave them on while someone is trying to talk to you, but that’s a personal thing that doesn’t seem to be a common idea since more headphone models are picking up this type of feature every day.

If you place the headphones down, they do automatically shut off after a while to help preserve that awesome battery life. Then, the final added bonus is that you also get support for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

It does come with an auxiliary cable for taking them wired with. This could help if the battery runs dry or if you are using them with a device that doesn’t support Bluetooth. You also get the USB-C to USB cable for charging them with, and a soft bag/pouch to store everything in.

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