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TV & Bluetooth Headphones Compatibility List

1. If you have Bluetooth ready TV any Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth devices can be connected to you TV

2. If your TV not Bluetooth ready! (Solution #1)

You can use Bluetooth Audio Transmitter, is an external device that can be plugged into your TV audio output. It enables the transmission of audio via Bluetooth to your headphones.

TV Audio Output

For the transmitter or RF Headphones to plug successfully into the TV audio output, you need to understand what type of audio output is available on your TV.

The different types of audio output can be found at the back of the TV. An example can be seen from the below image. All the audio output are in the red box.


  1. The ones labeled “L” and “R” are the RCA jacks

  2. The one labeled “AUDIO” is the 3.5mm headphone jack

  3. The one labeled “OPTICAL” is the optical TOSLINK output

Some of the older TV models do not have the 3.5mm headphones jack and the optical TOSLINK output. They only have the RCA jacks as audio output.

Some of the oldest TV models only has optical TOSLINK as the only audio output. You will need something like Optical TOSLINK into 3.5mm and RCA audio output converter. Make sure you physically check your TV audio output.

1. If your TV not Bluetooth ready! (Solution #2)

You can use Dedicated Wireless TV Headphones

Dedicated wireless tv headphones are headphones that come with a base station. The base station acts as transmitter that is connected to the TV which will then transmit the audio signals to the headphones. (See how to connect in TV Audio Output section)

The base station always connected to TV, hence, the term – dedicated.

Dedicated wireless headphones come with different types of wireless connections. Other than the Bluetooth connection, there are Radio Frequency (RF) and Infrared (IR) options.

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