ZUMMIMAL Solar Powered Camera Review

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ZUMIMALL F5K Outdoor Security Camera is a stand-alone camera specially designed for smart homes and modern infrastructures. The modern world is shifting more towards Solar Panels, hence this camera is specifically designed to receive uninterrupted power from solar plates.

Zumimall solar panel is specially designed for Zumimall outdoor security camera, keeping your home security system charged without worries.

Zumimall F5K is best suited in all kinds of environments and locations. The camera comes with a 6000mAh battery that lasts up to 2 – 5 months when fully charged.

Zumimall is also the pioneer in the field of Solar Panels the world over. The camera works very smoothly with solar light.

Features To Look For In A Solar CCTV Camera For Your Smart Home

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Following are some of the features to look for in a solar CCTV device.

Solar Panel Reliability- Here, you have to look for a weatherproof solar panel design, ingress protection type, etc. What is the power output given, and materials used in the solar panel? Feasibility to smoothly run the CCTV in all conditions. Check them to know your device better.

Support Of IP Protocols- Make sure the camera supports the ONVIF and RTSP protocols. Ensure that your device supports any NVR or other support system.

Power-over-Ethernet- When a single power cable is required to transmit power over the data cable then it is extremely convenient for running any CCTV.

Weatherproofing- It allows you to use your device at any location. IP65 or IP66 is an indication that it can withstand any weather conditions.

Resolution- Good resolution means good picture quality. Low resolution means bad quality images. A resolution of 1080P is standard resolution. The higher than that is even better for great viewing.

Night-Vision- With the help of IR LEDs, array lights, spotlights, or floodlights, the camera captures images at night also. Even when the CCTV is placed at any dark location, with the help of the night vision camera is 100% operational.

Storage- Most IP cameras these days have SD card slots that support capacities of up to 128 GB. This is an excellent alternative to an NVR. Also, check about the cloud recording facility.

Wireless- When you can connect your device wifi, then you have the freedom to locate your CCTV at will without laying wire for that.


  • Eco-Friendly Security Camera System

  • Smart PIR Motion Detect and Instant Alerts

  • The clarity in 1080P HD and IR Night Vision

  • Two Way Audio and Multiple-User Sharing

  • Truly Risk-free Storage

  • Easy to Install

  • PIR motion detection