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With heavy-duty metal connectors, you can be confident in a durable, lasting connection to safely charge and sync compatible devices with this 15W USB-C(TM) to USB-C(TM) cable. The durable, wear-resistant nylon braided material provides enough protection, strength, and flexibility for daily use. The 6-foot length allows for flexible placement in your vehicle, home, or office and freedom of movement, allowing you to use your device while it charges.



  • Heavy-duty charge and sync cable

  • Heavy-duty USB-C(TM) metal connectors: Ensures durable lasting connection

  • 6 foot reflective nylon cable: On-the-go convenience and freedom of movement

  • USB-C(TM) compatible: Safely charge and sync devices

  • 15 Watt Cable: Powers smartphones and other devices

  • USB-C(TM) certified: Tested for compatibility with all devices

  • Durable wear-resistant material for protection strength and flexibility