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Samsung 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Wireless Sub Review

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Our Samsung A430 soundbar review reveals that the Samsung A430 soundbar is the easiest way to take your audio to new heights. Samsung has always produced great electronics, and this soundbar lives up to the brand’s reputation.

This soundbar and wireless subwoofer feature a bass boost, Bluetooth TV connection, and a single remote for easy use. Dialogue from televisions shows and movies is very crisp and clear, and this soundbar also excels at reproducing music with lots of extra boom.

Out of the box, the sound profile is relatively neutral. However, the soundbar has a few features and enhancements, such as a graphic EQ, to help you calibrate the sound to your liking.

Product overview

The Samsung A430 soundbar has a simple and minimalist design with a rectangular shape and a black color. A thin fabric covers the top. The subwoofer is mainly made from wood, and the front is also covered in fabric.

The soundbar measures approximately 33.9 inches high by 2.1 inches wide by 2.9 inches deep, and weighs about 3.31 pounds. The subwoofer measures 7.1 inches high by 13.5 inches wide by 10.7 inches deep, and weighs about 9.48 pounds. The box comes with an easy-to-use remote control, an optical digital audio cable, and mounting hardware. Based on its size, the A430 soundbar should fit comfortably between the legs of any TV that is 46 inches and larger.

The Samsung A430 features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream content from other sources such as your computer or mobile phone. The subwoofer connects to the soundbar wirelessly as soon as you plug it into a power source, which means you can place it in any corner of your living room for the best audio experience. The soundbar has a neutral profile, which is loud enough and helps bring out all the special sound effects in television shows and movies.

However, if you want a different sound, the Samsung soundbar includes sound enhancement features and presets. Based on our Samsung A430 soundbar review, this soundbar has a decent soundstage for its 2.1 setups and produces loud and clear sound enough for a large or crowded room.

Key features

Some of the key features we noticed during our Samsung A430 soundbar review include:

Dolby Digital and DTS

The A430 soundbar supports Dolby Digital and DTS audio formats for high-quality sound. These popular sound formats are ideal when playing surround sound from your television or a source that supports Dolby Digital and DTS. They are the most common sound formats for Blu-ray discs and many popular streaming services.

Dialogue enhancement

The Samsung A430 soundbar and subwoofer have a dialogue enhancement feature to ensure more detail and clarity when watching your favorite movies, television shows, or news programs. This feature enhances the volume and quality of the dialogue without negatively affecting the background levels. The advantage of this feature is that it helps you hear dialogue at a low volume, and it is ideal if you have a hard time understanding dialogue in general from your favorite shows or movies.

Auto-volume and night mode

The auto-volume and night mode features help adjust the volume of different types of content. Therefore, a television show may have a different volume level from a commercial. It may also help adjust the volume level within a television program or movie, so the dialogue volume is different from the volume of an explosion. This dynamic range compressor helps make the volume level of your content steadier for a better sonic experience. This feature is significant for people who are bothered by the extreme or dramatic volume level changes within a movie or program.

Bass and treble adjustment

The bass adjustment feature helps you change the punch and thump of sound, especially when watching action movies or listening to certain types of music. This is very beneficial when listening to music with specific instruments or drums, such as hip hop and rock music. The treble adjustment feature helps you change sound clarity and usually affects lead instruments and vocals when listening to music.

EQ graphic and presets

The EQ graphics and presets feature are ideal if you wish to manually calibrate the sound coming from your soundbar or subwoofer to make it more ideal for your specific audio needs. Some of the presets that the Samsung A430 soundbar has include Standard, Adaptive Sound Lite, Bass Boost, Surround Sound, and Game.

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